Shipping them promptly.

Transporting before the shipping.

We move the Miyabi-dai from the cultivation fish tank into the shipping tank to minimize their stress. The purpose of this is to deliver the Miyabi-dai in the best condition to our customers.

Two boats are pulling the fish tank.
Joining the cultivation tank and shipping tank.
Gathering sea bream with nets.
Divers work on moving the sea bream from one tank to the other when connecting both nets.

We take care to ship Miyabi-dai promptly with fastidious care.

It creates a lot of stress for sea bream to be scooped from tanks to shipping crates. That is the reason we always take care, while carefully and quickly scooping each sea bream into the shipping crates depending on its size.

The Miyabi-dai are very fresh straight from the fish tank.
Making sure the color, shape and size of each sea bream meet our standards.
We scoop the sea bream into shipping crates with great care not to give them any bruising.
We measure each shipping crate by weight to meet customer's needs.

Delivering the sea bream to keep its freshness.

Loading Miyabi-dai quickly onto special trucks from the shipping boat. Five trucks are in full operation to deliver fresh fish to our customers. We treat Miyabi-dai carefully through all of our procedures.

Loading Miyabi-dai onto special trucks from the shipping boat.
We use conveyor belt to implement this process quickly.
The water is circulated on the shipping trucks to keep the fish fresh.
Loading the empty shipping crates onto the boat, then back to the fish tanks to do the same procedure.