The growing environment of Miyabi-dai.

This is Hakata-jima island in Ehime prefecture off the Inland Sea of Seto. One of the sea farms raising the juvenile fish.


The climate is temperate in Hakata-jima off the Inland Sea of Seto, and the sea currents are reasonably strong. Due to these conditions, there are no outbreaks of red tide, less damage from typhoons and fish are less likely to fall ill. We do not use food dispensing machines. The juvenile fish are all fed by hand which keeps the fish in good physical condition. We are dedicating ourselves to raise Miyabi-dai.

In winter, we send the juvenile fish to Goshonoura in Amakusa for the next step in growth.


The juvenile fish are kept in Hakata-jima off the Inland Sea of Seto from May to June. After six months, the juvenile fish that have reached over 20cm are sent to Goshonoura in Amakusa. Then we start preparing the juvenile fish for next years fish cultivation. We remove the floats and clean algae of each net with a high-pressure water jet spray and check for damages to the nets before we store them.

Miyabi-dai grow slowly in Goshonoura.

Once Miyabi-dai have reached over 20cm, they are moved to Goshonoura known as the temperate climate and calm sea. They are cultivated until ready to be shipped.