What is "Miyabi-dai"? (cultivated sea bream from our fish farm)


Miyabi-dai (cultivated sea bream from our fish farm)

We set up the five standards  to identify "Miyabi-dai".

1. Setting the number of sea bream at a lower average density to make a less stressful growing environment for them.
2. The fish juveniles are grown in designated sea farms in Sakata Suisan throughout Japan.
3. We use specially formulated food developed by our cultivated food manufacture .
4. We have passed all prefectural government random checks on agricultural chemicals and rarely use antibiotics when raising fish which in turn keeps the fish environmentally safe .
5. We check the color, shape and size of every single fish, then ship them promptly.

We deliver the fish which are grown and chosen in the above standards as Miyabi-dai.
Our standards of safety, growing environment, specially formulated food and shipping are our main backbone to the taste of Miyabi-dai.

The key to the deliciousness of Miyabi-dai is in their diet.


People often say that Miyabi-dai don't have a fishy smell and that the sweetness of the flesh is completely different from that of other sea bream.
What the sea bream eat affects how they taste. That's why the type and quantity of food eaten by the fish is the most important factor when raising sea bream.
We have developed a specially formulated food for Miyabi-dai that our food manufacturer spent more than 10 years to perfect.
We feed this special food to our fish from when they are young, which is one of the main factors in creating the fresh color and quality flavor of our Miyabi-dai. This special food doesn't come cheap, but it is an important component in our efforts to provide delicious, quality Miyabi-dai our customers.

Feeding scenery.