Miyabi-maguro Nigiri-Sushi


Serves four people.
3 thick pieces of Miyabi-maguro (akami, otoro, chutoro; one piece each),
2 cups of rice,  240cc of vinegar,  170g of sugar,  40g of salt,  small amount of wasabi

How to cook.
1. Mix vinegar, sugar and salt in a pot and let boil to make sushi vinegar.
2. Use less water to make firmer rice. Sprinkle 50cc sushi vinegar on rice, cook, then leave to cool.
3. Slice Miyabi-maguro into toppings for sushi.
4. Shape rice into bite-size pieces. Spread a small amount of wasabi on Miyabi-maguro. Place the Miyabi-maguro on the rice. Don’t worry too much about the size or shape of the sushi, just have fun!