Cooking recipes No.7 Miyabi-maguro Nigiri-Sushi

(Printed in Mar. 2012, Kumanichi Newspaper)

Printed in Mar. 2012, Kumanichi Newspaper

Tuna Nigiri-Sushi is the king of sushi.
One of the appeals of tuna is its variety of different flavors.
It tastes different depending on what part of the fish it is from.
You can experience the best flavors of tuna when you try Miyabi-maguro Nigiri-Sushi.
Otoro (belly of tuna with high fat content) has a very profound and rich taste, while akami (red meat)
has a delicious balance between acidic and sweet flavors.
You can enjoy both when you try chutoro (medium fatty tuna).
These three kinds of tuna are the “red diamonds” in the world of sushi.
Regardless of the details, these are delicious toppings for sushi.

Here is the recipe.